Topics we are listening to

Topics we are listening to…

Overcoming a challenge – Everyone is fighting a battle that most people don’t know about. We would love to listen to how you are handling challenges in your life.

Rags to riches/riches to rags – Money is a funny thing. We can have a lot of it and still be unhappy. We can also lose everything and not know where to turn. Nobody ever talks about how this can be a painful and strange thing. If you need to talk about it, we’re here.

Financial struggles – Sometimes, life really gets us down with one financial hit after the next. This can be very hard to cope with alone. You are not alone. We want to listen to your story and help you find encouragement.

Military service – Veterans and military service members go through so much for this country. It can be hard to connect with friends and family after seeing and experiencing some things in the service. We are here to listen to the bad and the good, with no judgement.

Divorce – Things are not always black and white. We understand that. We are here to give you a place to vent, in a judgement-free zone.

Hopelessness – Sometimes when we get down, we start to lose sight of a better future. We want to help you find your inner strength to give you hope again.

Managing elderly parents – There is no rule book on how to feel when it comes to something life changing, like becoming a caregiver. We are here to listen to your struggles, accomplishments, and worries.

Your journey to discover God – This journey can be very personal, but sometimes it’s good to know you have support. Listen.One is here to encourage you to be who you want to be. Let us know how we can help.

Prison – It is a life changing to be incarcerated or put through the U.S. justice system. At Listen.One, we won’t judge you for what you did, saw, or did not do. We want to hear your story.

Learning or physical disability—It can be tough to feel different or feel as though you can’t relate to many people. At Listen.One, we don’t see anybody as “different.” We are all human beings in the eyes of God. Let us know if you want to talk.

Marriage – Partnerships and marriage are personal, and sometimes difficult. We don’t judge you for whatever it is you are going through. We can be a listening ear for you to vent about your partner if you need one.

Adjusting to life in the US—Change can be hard on all of us. Whether moving to the U.S. was your choice or not, we would love to be a listening ear for you during your adjustment. Reach out if you need a friend.

Retirement – Most people think retirement is awesome, but it can be lonely. We work for most of our lives and can feel lost when we stop. We are here to provide you with support and friendship.

Any life changing events—Sometimes, life throws us curve balls and we strike out. Or we get hit with the ball. Either way, we are here to listen. We won’t judge you for your stories. We want you to feel loved and heard.

Terminally ill – yourself or a loved one – Having an illness can be isolating – watching a loved one cope with an illness can be scary. We are here to be a listening ear during this difficult time.

Adoption/foster care – The adoption process in the U.S. can be very trying on a family. It can take a long time to adjust. On the other hand, being adopted is not so easy. Sometimes it can be scary to enter the lives of a new family. We are here to support you.

Raising kids—There is truly no perfect way to raise a child. We can only do our absolute best, and we understand that at Listen.One. If you are struggling or need to vent, please reach out. We’d love to be your friend.

Calamity – surviving a natural/manmade disaster—Sometimes we go through things and have no idea why they happened to us. Life can be awfully unfair. At Listen.One, we understand that it can be shocking and isolating to face a disaster. We want to support you and hear your story.

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