The Best Day of My Life by Kerry L.

The best day of my life is when I got an offer from my dream high school. I was not as enthusiastic as I thought I would be, nor was I calm. The excitement is inexplicable. It was a dream that day I was living in.

I’ve been dreaming about going to private high school in Toronto since grade 8. I was drawn to the elegant interior design and boarding facilities of three different private high schools: Branksome Hall, BSS, and Havergal. I was fascinated; I knew I wanted to go to one of the schools, and I had to work hard. Before applying to high schools, I had a lot of to-dos. For example, I had to join as many clubs as I could to show my active involvement in school, and I had to get a good grade to show that I was a good academic. In comparison with my friends who were playing on the weekend, I had to study on the weekends. I was called the “wrong ones” at school because I was doing things that “were not usual” like selling hats or taking Uber in grade 5.

Luckily, all the “wrong things” I’ve done since Grade 8 have ultimately benefited me. On the day of the BSS interview, I opened my email to check if there was an offer from Havergal, who interviewed me two weeks ago. Surprisingly, I got it. With the subject of the email being “Congratulations” and the sender being “Havergal Admissions,” I opened the email. After reading the email, I was so surprised and read the email two more times to make sure I understood correctly. At the moment, I felt giddy; I was relieved that my effort had been repaid.

As a 10th grade student at Havergal College, Stanford is my dream of a university. I hope that the best day of my life could be changed by the day I received an offer from Stanford University.

What was the best day of your life? Are you working toward something incredible – like an acceptance letter to Stanford University? Or perhaps a promotion at your day job? Maybe you are looking to adopt a pet, or find a new apartment? Everything we do requires effort, and any effort toward a better life is something to be proud of.

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