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Student Ambassador

  1. In the United States, Students are often not heard when they need to vent about their problems. School-related or not, Listen.One wants to help! All we ask is that Student Ambassadors post about Listen.One on their personal social media at least once a week. Some examples of how to do this:
    1. Share one of our posts to your page.
    2. Create a post about our organization.
    3. Tell your followers about Listen.One’s Mission, Goals, or Vision Statement.
    4. Share why you are volunteering with Listen.One.
    5. Tell your followers about Listen.One’s giveaways.
  2. Requirements:
    1. Tag Listen.One in every post! We are on Facebook and Instagram.
    2. Use the Time Tracker sheet to track your time. Add screenshots of your posts. We will sign off on this sheet by the deadline required of your learning institution.
    3. If you are also a Listener: Never ever share anything about your conversation with a Sharer. Your conversations with Sharers are confidential and must remain that way in order to ensure the integrity of established Listen.One ethics.
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