Moving to Canada: A Time When I Felt Different by Sakshi S.

My life experiences have helped me to grow into a mature individual over the course of time. I was someone who always feared changes and never wanted to step outside of my comfort zone. I was only able to alter my point of view regarding the fear of changes when I experienced a big change in my own life. A major event that changed my outlook on life and shaped my perspective was my immigration to Canada.

My journey to Canada taught me the art of appreciating new changes that come into life. Today, I believe that changes are important for growth and they come with a lot of opportunities for a better future. I consider myself fortunate that I was brave enough to take this major decision of my life all by myself which ultimately enabled me to come to Canada. I definitely had to gather a lot of courage before taking this very bold step of immigration but it was all worth the efforts I initially had to make. I don’t fear change anymore and indeed love to admire the differences in various things that I see.

Moving to Canada has so far been the best decision of my life as it has allowed me to see the beauty of an ever-changing environment with a crystal clear viewpoint. I am a better person now and have learned to take interest in everyone’s unique story of life which is always full of changes. I have also understood that nothing is really ever stable in life whether it is the emotional state of mind or the surroundings.

Earlier in my life, I would have preferred a sedentary life with nothing exciting to do. However, now I love to explore different places and love to experiment with different things. This drastic change in my view of life has made me more creative and enthusiastic about all the things I do. It has certainly helped me to move away from the introverted-ness and shyness that would have captured me by now if I wouldn’t have strived for the upcoming changes. I am constantly learning from my experiences and will continue to do so with the utmost determination.

The one thing that I am very proud of myself which I do not hesitate to appreciate is my quick adaptation to new circumstances. This has enabled me to reach out to others with more confidence. I am a very optimistic person who wants to encourage everyone to face their fears and learn from the changes that they go through in life.

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