Spread the gift of listening

Be a listener

It’s easy to make a big difference!

It’s important to read and understand all these expectations before you apply to become a Listener.

Your time and attention listening to someone who needs to talk is a powerful gift you can give. We believe we are made to love our neighbors – all our neighbors. It is difficult to love our neighbors who aren’t easy and convenient to love when our normal routines of life create comfort zones that keep us from meeting others. We believe that in order to start actively loving our neighbors you need to get to know who they are.

Listen.One exists because of three reasons; we believe we are made to love everyone, we believe in the Holy Spirit to guide us and we believe that Jesus can impact anyone’s life anywhere at anytime.

People are seeking to feel known and that takes time. Most of the time it is not just a few chat messages sent back and forth. It’s following up the next day to check in with them to see how they are doing. It’s about building relationships and that takes time to build trust and friendship. Think of this as a pen pal service using email, text messages and phone calls.

The time commitment is about 2-5 hours per week. Volunteer Listeners all work from home and set their own schedule. 

To support our volunteer Listeners, we have regular group phone calls with all Listeners to learn from other Listeners and ask questions of the group.

Our guidelines for our Volunteer Listeners

1. Pray that the Holy Spirit guides you and helps you to be mentally present and that your conversations will be peaceful, non-judgmental and encouraging.

2. Always set the time expectation with the Sharer. Make sure they know how much time you have to chat and when you will be able to chat next.

3. Show the Sharer respect – do not multitask while chatting. Be comfortable and have fun but don’t jump into their talk with your opinions or your experiences. Don’t be distracted by your surroundings. Show this person that they are the most important person in your life at this moment. No preaching, no condemning, no judging, no advice.

4. Acknowledge what the Sharer says. Use your imagination to put yourself in their shoes – not with your history but with theirs. Don’t think about how you would do things better or how you are going to offer a solution.

5. Be curious!

6. Ask specific clarifying questions around – Who? What? When? Where? You can also clarify what they said by simply asking “Are you saying that…? Restate what you hear.

7. Get to know more about them: “Were you afraid?” “How did this change things for you?” “How did you deal with that?”

8. You must be 18+ years old to be a Listener. Check out our other volunteer opportunities if you do not meet this requirement!

9. We do ask that you are open, willing to talk about religion and the afterlife with those who need support, and want to help take the weight off the shoulders of strangers. Being non-judgmental is key! 

If you are excited about joining our listening team, please take the time now to fill out our application form.

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