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Give the gift of listening.

Be a listener.

It’s easy to make a big difference!

We believe we are made to love everyone. We have chosen to focus on our neighbors that live in our town but don’t cross our normal routines of life. How are we to love those who aren’t easy to love if our normal routines of life create comfort zones that keep us from meeting? We believe that loving our neighbors starts with getting to know who they are. Your time and attention listening to someone who needs to talk is a powerful gift you can give.

After you sign up we will coordinate with you on your availability to volunteer with text messages, phone calls and/or in-person meetings.

Listen.One is a nonprofit organization that is based on the belief of the power of the Holy Spirit that guides each believer. We encourage followers of Jesus who are looking to expand their comfort zones and give the gift of listening to sign up. We believe everyone can get better at being a good listener and we hope the experience will increase your compassion for others.

Listening provides an opportunity to:

  1. Pass the torch
    Preserve our legacy by passing wisdom down through generations.
  2. Remove differences
    Peace happens when we focus more on similarities than differences. How do we feel loved, how can we encourage each other, what do we fear, what gets us excited, how are we growing, who are we helping? We must see the humanity in everyone.
  3. Listen to love
    Too many people in this world feel like no one knows them. No one understands where they are coming from. Everyone must be shown they are valuable, they matter, and they have a purpose. They need to be reassured they will be remembered and that they are loved.
  4. Shared experiences
    There is power in connecting people through shared experiences. We’ve all been on the same road at some point. Shared experiences create bonds and inspire us.

We look forward to having you part of our listening team!

Our guidelines for our Listeners

  1. Before your meeting, pray that the Holy Spirit guides you and helps you to be mentally present and that the meeting will be peaceful, non-judgmental and encouraging.
  2. Before your meeting, decide on how long to meet and stick to it. Usually 30-60 minutes. You can always decide together to stay longer but respecting everyone’s time is a must.
  3. Respect – Face the sharer. Turn off your cell phone’s ringer. Try to sit with the least distractions behind the sharer – be early to pick your seat. Be comfortable, have fun. Don’t jump into their talk with your opinions or your experiences. Don’t be distracted by your surroundings. Show this person that they are the most important person in your life at this moment. You have scheduled time with them – value and respect it. No preaching, no condemning, no judging, no advice.
  4. Acknowledge – While the person is talking make sure you are showing appreciation for what they are saying by making a few small nods and little noises like “OK”, “hmm” and “Oh”. Use your imagination to put yourself in their shoes – not with your history but with theirs . Don’t think about how you would do things better or how you are going to offer a solution.
  5. Be curious!
    • Ask specific clarifying questions around – Who? What? When? Where? You can also clarify what they said by simply asking “Are you saying that…? Restate what you hear.
    • Get to know more about them: “Were you afraid?” “How did this change things for you?” “How did you deal with that?”

Sign-up and we will respond within 24 business hours to let you know how soon we can connect you with a Sharer in your area.

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