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Growing up, did you ever feel alone and wish you had someone to talk to? If so, you’re not alone. Today, the disease of isolation is infecting individuals all across the country. We may be more connected than ever, but are somehow missing a meaningful connection with others. 

The good news is, the solution is simple- everyone needs someone to talk with, someone to hear their story. At Listen.One, we believe every person matters and every story is important. But, the need for individuals willing to listen and care for the isolated today is growing. Therefore, we need to gather a team ready to invest in this great cause. Some serve by becoming a volunteer listener. Others offer their time and talents. But, we hope everyone will invest in Listen.One financially. 

Your donated dollars represent hours spent with real people listening to their greatest needs. Financial donations enable Listen.One to expand and share this meaningful movement with everyone looking for someone willing to listen. 

Would you consider investing in Listen.One?

Every financial donation is tax deductible and every amount makes a difference. You can make a one-time gift or give monthly to Listen.One. If you are ready to join our amazing Financial Support Team and ready to invest in making a difference in the lives of isolated individuals looking for a listening ear, please fill out the form below. Thank You! 

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