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Frequently asked questions

Will this be recorded?

No. The meeting between sharer and listener is live, face to face. Nothing recorded.

Where will we meet?

You meet at a mutually agreed upon location. It could be a local coffee shop or restaurant or any other public place.

How long will this take?

Meetings usually last about an hour. If the conversation goes longer, that’s fine too!

What do I need to do afterwards?

Nothing at all. There are no follow-up requirements. If you want to keep in touch, that’s up to the both of you.

Who are these people I will meet?

Some would say they are strangers, we like to call them future friends. We do our best at collecting identifying information about everyone who listens and sharers so that we know everyone is invested in the process and open to who they are.

Will my contact info be shared?

No. We do not share Listeners and Sharers contact info. We will coordinate setting up the meeting at a convenient time and location.

What’s the point of this?

We all need to learn to listen and love more. To us, this starts with getting to know who we are.

Do you give professional advice?

No. Our listeners are here to only listen, encourage you and be non-judgmental. If you do require advice, we can recommend a professional counselor in your area.

Does Listen One pay for my coffee?

No. You’ll need to pay for your own coffee. Besides, we don’t have any money. We do all this for free.

Where's all the legal talk about the policies, guidelines and privacy standards?

Great question! Please read them all here. It’s for everyone!

I have some pretty awesome skills. Can I volunteer and help you reach more people?

Click here to apply to become a volunteer.

Why not record and post these talks online so more people can listen to them?

We are completely focused on the in-person meeting. Something very special happens when there are NO recording devices, and everyone is fully present together. These talks can be very private and setting up a recording device changes the dynamic of the talk dramatically – No one should feel like they are on-stage or have to entertain – Just show up, be a raw regular human and share your life experience with another human – Surprisingly that’s the magic here

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