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Frequently asked questions

What’s the point of this?
We all need to learn to listen and love more. To us, this starts with getting to know who we are.
Will this be recorded?
We are completely focused on the one to one gathering. Something very special happens when there are NO recording devices, and everyone is fully present in the moment. The intent is for the conversation to be a safe place where people can just be who they are, no false pretenses, no facades, to just be a raw regular humans and share one’s story with another, surprisingly it’s all in “that moment” where loneliness dissipates and community begins.
What is sharing like?
We’re just interested in your story, no judgment, just listening and that takes place over simple text, phone, email, or even snail mail through the United Postal Service.
Who are these people I will meet?
Some would say they are strangers; we like to call them future friends.
How long will this take?
We’re human, and have human lives, like those sharing, we volunteer to be available to chat in the natural rhythm of life, so that usually works itself out between the listener and the sharer.
How much does it cost?
No cost, it’s free.
What do I need to do afterwards?
Nothing at all. There are no follow-up requirements. If you want to keep in touch, that’s up to the both of you.
Will my contact info be shared?
No. We do not share Listeners and Sharers contact info. We will coordinate setting up the meeting at a convenient time and location.
Do you give professional advice?
No. Our listeners are here to only listen, encourage you and be non-judgmental. If you do require advice, we can recommend a professional counselor in your area.
Can I volunteer and help you reach more people?
Click here to apply to become a volunteer.
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