We are listening to love

Listen.One exists because of three reasons: we believe we are made to love everyone, we believe in the Holy Spirit to guide us and we believe that Jesus can impact anyone’s life anywhere at any time.


The Story of Listen.One

I grew up thinking I wanted a Ferrari, tons of money and to be able to do whatever I wanted, so that’s what I worked toward. My work came before everything else. I only had time for people who could benefit my business. Each time I hit a business goal, it only raised the bar higher. This was a never-ending, empty cycle of accomplishment. The things that finally broke me were my first son’s illness and failing marriage. With no solid foundation of boundaries and faith, I asked God for help.

I felt inadequate, foolish, and lonely. I had become the man I planned to be, but not the man God wanted me to be. Matthews 22:36-40 states that our focus on this earth is to love God and love people. That hit me hard since I wasn’t doing either well.

I wanted to change, so I started reaching out to God and trusting His plans. A curiosity started in me about who Jesus is. I prayed and studied the Bible in hopes to do better. I realized God does not force Himself on anyone – He’s always there patiently waiting for us to recognize Him. I also discovered that loving God is easier than loving people.

People do not come with a book like the Bible. They are complex and can be complicated. In addition to finding my faith, I realized I only had relationships with people who could offer me some benefit or shared my interests. This was convenient for me. What about all those other people? The people I had to work harder to get to know? I decided I was going to figure out a way to love the people I had been avoiding. I knew I had to start understanding who each person was as an individual so I could form more genuine connections.

This was the best decision I have ever made, and I want more of that! I began sitting and listening to strangers’ life stories, and found that something awesome happens when the person realizes I don’t have an agenda to sell them anything.  By simply being curious about who they are and their lives, they feel free. When they let their guard down, their happiness, sadness, and true feelings are able to shine through and they can find comfort in expressing themselves how they want to.

This was the start of understanding, the start of peace by seeing similarities instead of differences, the start of preserving legacies, the start of loving people who don’t fit into my comfort zone, the start of making people feel like they matter.

I’m asking you to help me continue this journey to remind others of the importance of their experiences. Every person matters. Let’s all start by not only sharing… but genuinely listening.

Dave Rolf

Founder listen.one


Listen to love everyone, everywhere.

Listen.One strives to create a world for people to remember that they matter, they are compassionately heard, and they are loved.

Begin a legacy of compassionate listening.

Preserve our legacy by compassionate listening and passing our gained wisdom down through generations.

We must see the humanity in everyone.

Peace happens when we focus more on similarities than differences. How do we feel loved, how can we encourage each other,

Everyone must be shown they are valuable and have a purpose.

Too many people in this world feel like no one knows them. No one understands where they are coming from.

Shared experiences create bonds and inspire us.

There is power in connecting people through shared experiences. We’ve all been on the same road at some point.

Let’s listen to love

Volunteers are here to listen to you they are non judmental and loving listeners.

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